Friday, February 23, 2007

Get Your Motor Runnin'....

Two years ago, I bought my dream car. The kids were grown and it was time for Mom to buy herself a toy for a change.

I'd wanted a mako shark style Corvette (C3) since I was a kid. When I first saw one, I'd been riding in the back cargo area of my dad's Country Squire station wagon. You know, the kind with faux-wood paneling on the side and the obnoxious paint color everywhere else? Ours was piss yellow. It was also back in the days when kids rode in the backs of the wagons with no seat-belt, no car seat, no airbags. All of our moms had automatic, emergency rail arms? The kind that, as soon as the foot hit the brake, the arm flew out to catch you before you flew through the windshield? Remember those?

So, there I was, riding in the back of the piss-yellow-with-faux-wood station wagon. My brother was there, too. We were probably in the midst of that old "he's on my side - she's looking at me" squabble when I saw a car unlike any other behind us. I quickly lost interest in annoying the little brother and focused on The Car. It was so cool! The image burned itself into my brain. Then, the driver turned on the headlights and when they flipped up out of the hood, that was it for me. That was my dream car. That was the car I would have some day.

It took twenty-seven years but I got one. A few months later, I rebuilt the engine in it. This car is Prozac on Wheels with more than 500 hp. It doesn't matter what kind of day I'm having when I'm changing gears, listening to her growl and heading on down the highway.

She doesn't like the cold much and I don't trust the idiots on the roads around here so I rarely drive her in the winter or on rainy days. That combined with a too hectic schedule the past few months ended with a dead battery (it was old) and I couldn't drive her.

MrWurdi is my hero. He called and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch. He'd been to the parts place, replaced my battery with a new one, and came to swap cars with me. MY HERO.

Vroom, vroom, and get outta my way. I've got my motor runnin' and I'm headin' down the highway.

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