Monday, April 09, 2012

This is what it really looks like...

A few years ago, I rebuilt the engine in my car. Tonight, I saw that my cyberbuddy, The Feral Irishman had put up a post on Babes and Cars. Now, I think that Pissed, as the Feral Irishman calls himself, knows better than to believe that these gals were actually working on the cars even though some of the pictures try to make it seem like that. Some of these ladies might actually work on cars.

Pissed, I hate to break your heart if I was mistaken but women who work on cars do NOT work on cars dressed like that. I'm sorry. Disappointment stings. I have a bit of truth for you.

First, a caveat: I do not, nor have I ever, claimed to be a babe. In fact, I'm probably old enough to be the mother of most of those women. That said, this is what a real gal looks like when she's working on her car.

Sorry, Pissed. It's not glamorous or sexy but it is real. ;-)

*Oooh... breaking into new territory here. Half of my face instead of just the quarter. My online anonymity is evaporating!