Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've Been a Little Distracted

Once again, my blogging has stalled due to unforeseen events.

I have a new housemate.

This is my new housemate.

He showed up with about a hundred of his friends last week. Don't recognize him? Here are a few of his family members, also residing in my home.

Termites. Damned termites. Munching on the wood within the walls of my house.

I am not a happy camper.


Anonymous said...

Ugh! I had to have my house treated two weeks ago for my newly-arrived guests. Apparently they mistook my house for a Section 8 property. I had my exterminator break the news that their housing voucher is not accepted at my address.

Mar-Cee-Ah said...

Nothing personal, but I don't like your new friends!!! Hope it gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

That really sucks! I fear very few things as a homeowner, but fire and termites are the top two. Even tornadoes don't worry me as much as those. I hope things go better for you soon.

Creative Clayer said...

That's nothing. The other day I was in the shower and felt like I stepped on a bar of soap. Looked down and it was a giant freaking roach! It had to have been 4 inches long. They call them "water bugs" here in Texas. I was covered in soap and jumped out of the shower and used the shower head to beat it into submission. I shook for the rest of the day. I hate roaches.

Jane said...

I am LMAO that your first file name is "ickewgross.jpg".

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

It completely freaked me out when they arrived, especially in such large numbers. The swarmers aren't the kinds that eat your house, they just do the wild thing all over the place and try to start new colonies.

The exterminator was rather spendy. Damn it. Now, in order to get a bond that will allow for repair, I have to get any existing damage fixed first. That means we'll be doing inner wall repair.

Hey, Jane! Maybe when you get done with the pit, you and Duke can come visit??

CC - that would completely freak me out for days and days. Cockroaches just... ew... You can't really help the "waterbugs" or "palmettos" in the hotter, more humid areas, though. I feel for you.

As for the ewickgross.jpg, I toned down the rest of the descriptions so as not to offend.

KatiaSul said...

Damn! And I thought that EVERYONE had to PAY their friends to come visit. I'll be willing to bet that the exterminator-man is offering kickbacks to his itty-bitty-buddies!

Anonymous said...


That Chick said...

I'm sorry, but I simply don't understand why termites should impact your ability to entertain.

They're very small.

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

That chick, you made me giggle like mad. You're absolutely right. I shall endeavor to be more entertaining.

In my defense, I've been working 60+ hour weeks lately; however, I will be traveling for work most of the summer. That means mostly normal work hours with time and energy for blogging.