Thursday, December 04, 2008

Certain Things Make Me Uncomfortable...

Apologies, even when they're heartfelt can be uncomfortable. You know, like apologizing for not blogging in freakin' forever.

Dear Chef~H, Pinky, AndiKandi and everyone else who has scolded, cajoled, pleaded, or given up on me ever posting again,

I'm sorry.


Are we all over that now?

Apologizing about my absence isn't what has really made me uncomfortable, though.

It's toesocks.

Yep. Toesocks.

My daughter's really weird about feet. I mean, no one touches her feet. She doesn't like seeing or touching feet belonging to other people. She loves toesocks. She's a bit of a freak.

Me, I'm cool with feet. As long as they aren't dirty and don't have clawnails instead of toenails, they're mostly non-offensive to me. Don't tickle mine and we're going to get along just fine. I really don't like toesocks. I am also a bit of a freak.

I want to like toesocks. They're cute! The ones I purchased in yet another failed attempt to develop an appreciation for them even have monkeys on them! Monkeys! I love monkeys. I love socks! I like feet! Why, oh why, do I have such an issue with toesocks?

I was talking to my dear friend, Chef_H, the other day and she summed it up perfectly:

"It's like your toes are wearing thongs."

That Chef~H may have issues with fried chicken but she's a genius when it comes to toesocks.

Just a bit of a sidenote... I have Spock toes. If you know me in person, you've probably seen them sans socks. Seriously. Spock toes.

Live long and prosper, Internet.


Anonymous said...

OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!! You've *finally* posted again!!!!

I love the way that you write. You are so funny. You also have odd like Spock toes that are funny to see.

Whutrwe doin' for New Year's eve? I'm thinkin' tapas (that's TAPAS Greg, not topless!) potluck kinda thang. Whatcha thank?


Anonymous said...

I always thought that if you wore vertical stripes it would make our legs look thinner. After all, isn't that what it's all about? Do they make toesocks with vertical stripes? LOL

aUAman said...

I have nothing against feet, vulcan or otherwise, but am very prejudice towards toesocks! If toesocks were so cool just for encompassing your little digits, why dont they come in just white?

Ever seen plain white toesocks? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!~

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... yes, I love toe socks... what better socks for wearing your flip-flops with...

>gasp< yes I wear flip flops in the winter time!


Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Anonymous #1: First of all, I am personally going to tutor you so you can post comments with your name. Secondly, I was tired of your nagging. ;-)

Don't be laughing at my Spock toes.

Tapas sounds like a great plan. Woo-hoo!

Anonymous #2: What are you saying? Are you calling my horizontally-striped sock-covered legs fat??? I'm laughing. You're safe.

aUAman: Good point! You're absolutely right.

Andie, Andie, Andie... flip-flops in winter? With toe socks? Do we need to have a fashion intervention? The toe socks are in your old bedroom. Please take them and give them a loving home.

Mar-Cee-Ah said...

Hiya Wordy! Great to see you're writing...and making me laugh! Looking forward to seeing more!!!