Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Rock Out With Your Caulk Out

~Am I supposed to caveat this by saying that I received no payment or product for this review?~

I've mentioned that I was doing some home improvement work. Part of the doing the home improvement means that I have to follow up and finish the darned home improvement stuff. I am at the caulking stage for several of my projects.

I've never caulked before now. I was talking to my dad about it and he mentioned seeing an ad on the television (As Seen On TV!) for this caulking tool kit called PROCaulk. He admitted that it might be complete crap and not work but said the commercials looked pretty convincing. I agreed to be the guinea pig.

Of course, before starting any project, research is a good idea. I googled, "How to Caulk." There are LOTS of web pages and videos dedicated to removing old caulk and putting down new. They are extremely intimidating. After watching several of them, I was feeling a bit out of my league. I don't even have any mineral spirits. I had already gone through three rolls of painter's tape for the painting projects. I was not looking forward to putting down even more of it. Damp rags, excess caulk (I am so not going to make some kind of inappropriate comment about how you can never have too much caulk...). What? Where was I? Oh, yeah. Caulk.

Since this pack-o-gadgets my dad told me about was As Seen On TV!, I decided to see if there was an ad out there on the Interwebs. Tah Dah! . Cheesy, huh? Oh, and all those other videos? Not quite as messy as the guy in the ProCaulk ad.

I got my carefully chosen clear silicone. Clear, so that if I was really horrible at this caulking business, it wouldn't be so obvious.

So, I know you're just dying to know. Did it work? Was it messy? Was Ima now permanantly siliconely bonded to the shower stall?

Seriously, Internet. This.Stuff.Rocks. ProCaulk is the bombdealio. It is easy. It is not messy. No mineral spirits, no blue tape, very little waste of caulk.

I'm going to have to go get the white caulk so I can show off my fancy, new caulk skills.

That's hot.


Sgt said...

I dunno. Stuck to the wall with Silicone might have been a more interesting ending.

If I need to caulk anything I'll have to get that. I'm terrible at it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sold! The tub in the kids' bathroom need to be redone, and I fear hubby will never get to it - and I don't have the time or patience to give it a go the old-fashioned way. I see a trip to Home Depot in my future.

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

There are still opportunities for amusing mishaps, Sgt. Stay tuned. Nothing makes for a good blog post like public humiliation.

Do it, F&F! So far, everything seems to have set up just fine. From everything I read, it seems like getting the old caulk off and working on a clean surface is key.