Monday, April 09, 2012

This is what it really looks like...

A few years ago, I rebuilt the engine in my car. Tonight, I saw that my cyberbuddy, The Feral Irishman had put up a post on Babes and Cars. Now, I think that Pissed, as the Feral Irishman calls himself, knows better than to believe that these gals were actually working on the cars even though some of the pictures try to make it seem like that. Some of these ladies might actually work on cars.

Pissed, I hate to break your heart if I was mistaken but women who work on cars do NOT work on cars dressed like that. I'm sorry. Disappointment stings. I have a bit of truth for you.

First, a caveat: I do not, nor have I ever, claimed to be a babe. In fact, I'm probably old enough to be the mother of most of those women. That said, this is what a real gal looks like when she's working on her car.

Sorry, Pissed. It's not glamorous or sexy but it is real. ;-)

*Oooh... breaking into new territory here. Half of my face instead of just the quarter. My online anonymity is evaporating!


agirlandhergun said...


I am not a babe nor can I work on cars, although I did change my breaks one time. With a lot of help and a full jump suit.

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Seriously? Changing brakes is a difficult and dirty job. Kudos to you for jumping in on it. I'm with you on jump suits - especially when it comes to oil changes. For the engine rebuild, I just wore clothes that I didn't mind were going to be ruined.

PISSED said...

HAHHA.. That's Awesome IMA.. Good for you being able to do that stuff :)

I see headers on that rig. What is it? Do you still have it?

Thanks for making me smile this morning :D

jon spencer said...

When I looked at that picture there were two things "where is your eye protection and nice headers".

Bet that thing rumbles.

North said...

I saw pissed's pictures. Scrolled through them. I probably looked at each babe for a half second. Certainly enjoyed the eye candy.

Real women fascinate me much more then dolled up "babes." I don't want women to be manly, but I don't need breakable sticks. There are a ton of characteristics of the capable woman that completely outshine the "plastic perfect" flimsy models.

Lokidude said...

Now for the other picture we all want to see... The car! What is it, and what have you done to it? Inquiring minds want to know!

Beth said...

Love it. Love YOU.

jeffli6 said...

I have one thought process when it comes to mechanickering. NO.
To many left over parts that look important.

Jay G said...

PISSED sent me.

And from what I can see, that qualifies as a babe workin' on a car any day of the week, twice on Sunday...

Firehand said...

I tried wearing goggles when working on stuff like this; made my glasses fog enough that I stopped.

FarmerJohn said...

real wimmen know how to wield a 9/16' box end.

I like, a lot

Brian said...

I'll take a fraction of ya!

Copious Gasser said...

PISSED sent me also.

Hell, your pic is just as awesome!

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Pissed, you crack me up on a regular basis.

The car is a '77 corvette and I do still have it. I planned on driving it today but... erm... I'd let it sit a bit too long and the battery was uncooperative. Trickle-charge on tonight and I'll be cruising tomorrow.

Jon, she growls. I love that car. No eye protection. I'm a rebel like that, although I do use eye protection when using power tools.

Nice sentiment, North! I like Pissed's eye candy, too. His beefcake boys are NICE.

Lokidude, I'll post a full up picture of the car sometime this week - along with the details.

Beth, you know it's mutual. Much love to you!

jeffli6, I agree. The leftover parts can be disconcerting. So far so good!

Jay G, thank you so much!

Firehand, the humidity down here makes safety glasses uncomfortable and hard to see through. I hear you.

You made me laugh out loud, FarmerJohn!

Thanks so much to all of Pissed's friends for stopping by!

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Brian, I thought of you when I posted an additional quarter of my face. At this pace, I'll be posting a full face picture in about ten years...

Copious Gasser, you do wonders for a gal's ego! Thank you!

Farmerjohn said...

glad you enjoyed
'sides, its always good to see a w(r)ench on her back under some aged american muscle

just sayin

Dedicated_Dad said...

Tell Hubby he'd better be good - there's a whole lot of damn fine REAL MEN out here who'd love to trade places with him...*


*philosophically-speaking, at least.

Frankly, I'm at a point in life where ANY woman -- even one with your obvious superlative attributes -- just ain't worth being forced to deal with lawyers and judges and STILL ending up losing all my stuff.

Then there's the whole "till death do us part" bit, and "my word is my bond", so...

Take this as just a big (well-deserved) compliment paid with a wink and a nudge!

Dedicated_Dad said...
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Dedicated_Dad said...

Oh - and PS:

My (also gorgeous, strawberry-blonde) 15-years-of-ballet (12 in a professional-development conservatory) girly-girl daughter was also forced to assist me in rebuilding the engine in her car (Sebring Convertible) after she blew it up.

She's also been forced to change oil, tires and brakes - and any man with daughters who hasn't done the same needs a kick in the pants!

I SINCERELY hope that she'll be (as I was) successful enough to pay some grease-monkey to do all this stuff for her, but knowing HOW will undoubtedly save her countless bad experiences in dealing with crooked mechanics.

Plus, GOOD men will find it incredibly attractive that she knows these things, while the girly, metrosexual panty-wearing fairies will be too threatened to give her a second look.

Works for me!

BackwardsBoy said...

'77 Vette, huh? You gotta post the pics soon, Ima.

BTW, I saw your name on the Captioneers Wall over at LMAObama. That place is a riot. I even tried my hand at it.

Anonymous said...

You already got dinged for eye protection, so I won't go there, but what caught my eye was the missing jack stand. Maybe it was out of the photo. My bad in that case. So, anyway, you go girl! I know few women who even want to handle a wrench and repair things. Auto's are the rarest, I think. There's recent photos circulating on the internet showing women during WWII building airplane engines and such. Why not? I always thought women were more dexterous than men anyway. Go figure?

MSgt B said...

Bookmarked and Blogrolled.

Now blog more! Love your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ima may say that she's not a babe, but sometimes she lies a little.


By the way, the jack stand isn't out of the picture; she's actually holding it up while simultaneously repairing it. And yeah, her headers are real!