Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Made It All By Myself!

Finding Greek-style yogurt isn’t always easy. Finding Greek-style, plain, fat-free yogurt is even more difficult. Greek yogurt is much like regular yogurt only thicker. Plus, it doesn’t get that weird, icky, pale yellow yogurt juice on top. Blech. You can read more about it here, at Wikipedia.

I like Greek-style so much more than regular yogurt that if I can’t find it, I normally just pass on yogurt altogether. You can use Greek-style yogurt in place of sour cream in a pinch and, when sweetened, it provides an acceptable substitute for whipped cream.

Recently, while I was out of town, I really wanted some yogurt. No Greek-style yogurt could be found. I remembered that a friend of mine had told me how I could make my own so I gave it a try. It worked perfectly and I shared my yogurt joy with MrWurdi.

Me: You know how I’m always bitching about how hard it is to find Greek yogurt?

MrWurdi: (cautiously) Yes…

Me: I made my own! It was fabulous!

MrWurdi: How did you do that?

Me: I lined a colander with several coffee filters and put it over a bowl. Then, I put the regular yogurt in the colander, put a paper towel over the top, and put it in the refrigerator. The next morning, TAH DAH! Greek yogurt!

MrWurdi: No way!?!

Me: Exactly! No whey! Hahahah, get it? No whey! W-H-E-Y! Hahahaha!

I am such a dork.


Jane said...

I've heard of doing that, but never tried it before. But if you say it works . . . .

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

I promise it does! However, it didn't work as well with the Publix brand yogurt. I think it had something to do with the pre-straining consistency. The Publix brand was very mayonnaise-y (yes, that IS a real word... a real word I just made up). Dannon and Stoneyfield both worked beautifully.

Anonymous said...

It also works great if you start with the Fage greek yogurt as a starter. I don't know if it contains different bacteria or not but it is different.

I too hate "normal" yogurt but *love* the greek stuff. I really love it with a little salt, cayenne and roasted cumin on it. Yummers!


Anonymous said...

FINALLY! The Wordy Bitch is back!!! I've missed you sweetheart! You promised 2 posts this week though....don't let me down....the week isn't over.


Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Salt, cayenne and cumin? That sounds fantastic!

Pinky, I'm so glad you finally decided to post. I hope you like your very own personalized poem...

WordyBikerBitch said...

Do you know how to make German Yogurt? Perhaps with a bratwurst flavor?