Friday, August 24, 2007

55 Fiction Friday! August 24, 2007

It's time again for 55 Fiction Friday!
Quick explanation: 55 fiction is a very, very short story of exactly 55 words. It needs to have a character, conflict and resolution.

The Wikipedia article on 55 Fiction is here and some great examples are here..

If you'd like to play along, I tell you how at the end of this post.

Coming next week! A new post every day! No more stale content when you come visit. It might be crap but it will be fresh crap.

MrWurdi contributes his 55:

The day was not bad, but as the sun goes down, the shivering begins.

She remembers warmth and safety, but that was before him. So many signs, how could she not see!

Teeth chattering, what torture awaits? So many came before this...

Shh! Here he comes....

"Honey, like a blanket?"... Living together, so many adjustments.

Here's my 55 for this week:

Finally! Her financial difficulties were over. There would be no more worrying about mortgage payments and utility bills. Amelia couldn’t believe her good fortune. Those people who had laughed at her inability to finish college and her lack of common sense would be eating their words.

It was all thanks to that nice Nigerian lawyer.

Come play! Add your story to the comments or put it on your blog and I'll link to it. It's fun. You'll like it.


Sgt said...

The Rendezvous

We had met once before and arrange to meet today during my lunch break.
She had soft music was playing in the background, yet it did nothing to calm my nerves.
As I laid there looking up at this woman, I knew my wife would soon find out.

I had not been flossing well enough.

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

Wordy - I LOVED yours! How do you keep coming up with such clever material? So smart.

Sgt. - This sort of thing seems to be right up your alley! Very imaginative.

Sgt said...

Thanks LS. Mine was inspired by my trip to the dentist yesterday for a not-so-fun deep something scaling. It sounds about as fun as it was.

Mrs. Stevens said...

The Longing

She wept as she leaned over the edge gazing at her beloved. There was a deep longing in her heart for they had known one another for almost her entire life. She remembered the summer nights sitting together on the porch watching the kids play.

It may be months before she would see ice cream again.

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

You all are so amazing!

SGT, I love your 55! How perfect. You get me going every single time. I never know where you're going until the end.

Lindy, you're too sweet. I don't know how or why my ideas come to me and I'm super critical of myself until I read such nice comments. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Stevens, I feel the same way about certain foods. Loved your fiction!