Sunday, August 26, 2007

Haiked Up Recipe - Pear Clafoutis

A dear friend of mine challenged me to post a recipe – written in haiku form. Obviously, the recipe would have to be done in several parts. This is a recipe I’ve made several times and I’ve used different fruits in it. The photo and the recipe come from Jennifer Hamilton at The Domestic Goddess and are based on a May 1994 Bon Appetit recipe. I love her latest suggestion to do a brulee top and will probably try that next.

Pear Clafoutis
Nine inch pie plate sprayed
Oven at three-twenty-five
This starts clafoutis.

Four eggs will be joined
By a half cup of sugar
Eighth-teaspoon of salt.

After they’re blended
Whisk in one-third cup of flour
Isn’t this great fun?

Whisk a cup of milk,
Quarter-cup melted butter
Then, add the spices

Starting with extracts –
One teaspoon of vanilla
Half-teaspoon maple.

Cinnamon is next
Measure half of a teaspoon
Whisk all until smooth.

Peel and core three pears
Use large ones and slice thinly
Arrange in the plate.

Pour in the custard
Bake for fifty-five minutes
Or until it’s set

Powdered sugar tops
Maple syrup on the side
Tasty warm or cold

I admit – I thought about cheating on this one.
Gourmet Dinner
Haiku recipe?
That’s hard. I pick up the phone.
“Take your order, please?”


Becca said...

It all looks delish
What time should I be over?
Oh, no invite, ~sigh~

Sgt said...

You have a real gift
You embarrass my dull prose
My hat off to you

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

You should know you have
An open invitation
Please, come any time.

How you flatter me!
Many thanks for your kind words
I think you're awesome!