Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Historical Boob Trivia

Boobs have been celebrated, reviled, revealed, covered, lifted, separated, bound, augmented, reduced, removed, and more. While the entire history of the boob is interesting, I’ll leave further research to you and just give you a few highlights.

Venus is kind of famous for being topless. Sometimes, when I hear the word ‘Venus,’ I admit Bananarama comes to mind but that’s not really my fault. I blame MTV.

The Venus de Milo was my next thought.

I think she lost her right to bear arms somewhere along the way. Poor thing.

According to Wikipedia, “The Venus is not a realistic portrait but rather an idealization of the female figure.” Below is a rather famous Venus figurine, the Venus of Willendorf:

(This image used with permission of the owner, Matthias Kabel. Reuse must include credit to the owner.)

“…idealization of the female figure.”
Would someone please explain to me why the hell am I trying to lose weight? Bring on the tres leches cake!

A Christian saint, Saint Agatha, was said to have had her breasts cut off as one of the tortures she endured. In art, she is often shown carrying her breasts on a platter. She has recently been recognized as the patron saint of breast cancer patients.

Kannagi, in a South Indian Tamil legend, violently removed her breast and used it to curse a city.

Marie Antoinette’s breasts were said to have inspired the shape of champagne glasses.

Janet Jackson’s boobs caused more than a little bit of controversy but, as you can see, she was not the first famous person to suffer a very public wardrobe malfunction.

Sophia Loren's expression kind of makes you believe she wasn't that pleased with Jayne Mansfield's outfit and nipple peep show, doesn't it?

Lastly, rumor has it that laws against women being topless in public are starting to be challenged…successfully! Check out the Wikipedia article on Topfreedom.


Sgt said...

I just wanted you to know that in honor of the week, I've spent extra time with my wife's breast. I even mentioned your awareness week and told her I could offer all women this level of service... she did not feel this was in my best interest to pursue. Go figure.

Oh, and you might notice a hint of a deviant smile on Sophia's face. Maybe she was pleased.

Dan said...

I love historical boob trivia! Maybe you should make this a monthly thing! :)

And then there's that photo of Zero Mostel looking down the top of Shirley Temple's dress. This is when she was already in her 20s I believe. LOL!

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

SGT, you are a wonderful man. Helping your wife with her self-exam is a shining example of a selfless act. You win the Golden Boob Award of the Day. MrsSGT gets the Golden Brain Award of the Day for discouraging your attempt to offer this service to other women.

I think Sophia is jealous because she didn't think to wear a nipple dress.

Dan, I might have to try a regular boob post. There's some great stuff out there.

david hayes said...

That last picture is priceless. The look in those eyes...

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

It really is, David. In fact, I think I might have Boob Day once a month (thanks to Dan's suggestion). I think it would be fun to come up with captions for that particular picture.