Monday, September 10, 2007

A Poem, a Haiku, and a Limerick Walk into a Blog

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It's BOOB WEEK at The Wordy Bitch. As the Saturday, September 15th deadline for donations approaches, I'm focusing on boobs. In Saving 2nd Base, I gave the details on TeamGDT and what we're trying to do to help find a cure for breast cancer.

Boob poetry seemed a good way to start the week. Enjoy!

Boob Poem
The men I meet are fond of boobs
But I can’t help my jeers,
“What you’re looking at aren’t eyes
And boobs do not have ears!”

Boob Haiku
Boobs change over time.
It’s so completely unfair!
Once round and now long.

Boob Limerick
Boobs used for nursing are pure
Boobs flashed for beads, I’m not sure
Virtue or vice
Boobs sure are nice
Boobs: Why we RACE FOR THE CURE!
My goal this week is to entertain as well as fundraise. If you're so inclined, please donate.
Learn more about TeamGDT and bid on auction items.
Order the Team GDT cookbook, Eat for the Cure, directly from the publisher..
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jeremy said...

i really like boobs
but not the big nippled kind
'cause those creep me out

Marcia said...

Boobs are bouncy - at least most are -
Under t-shirts you see from a far -
Keep those boobies covered please
At least 'til you go for your annual 'squeeze'
Keep 'em healthy ladies & the gents you will lure...
Out to watch all at the "Race for the Cure"!

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Excellent. A new haiku and a poem!

Live a little, man
Expand your boob horizons
Nipples won't hurt you!

I love your poem but I felt this odd urge to uncover my boobies... you know, just to be a rebel and such! ;-)